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Is This the Worst Google My Business Listing Ever?

Terry's Place

If you are in the North Bay, Ontario Canada area, and are looking for a great place to eat breakfast, you might search Google to find a local restaurant. One of the search results is Terry’s Place, a local eatery. But, if you look at their Google My Business listing, as shown above, you’ll see that the top photo isn’t very pleasing. In fact, it’s quite possibly the worst photo that a restaurant could possibly have–EVER–in a Google My Business Listing.

In the first photo in the Google My Business listings it appears that firefighters have successfully extinguished a fire at Terry’s Place in North Bay. If you click the photo on the listing, Google takes you to an article about the fire at Terry’s Place, which occurred in 2014.

A search for that address in Google shows, in Google Street View, a more updated Terry’s Place, in September 2015:

The September 2015 Street View shows that Terry’s Place has been remodeled and is, yet again, open for business. This is still over a year ago, but was about a year after the fire. So, apparently they did remodel and recover from the fire in 2014. But, apparently the business has not updated or claimed their Google My Business listing, as it’s possible to replace the photo with a more updated one, one that shows that the place wasn’t on fire.

All the business has to do is claim their Google My Business listing, which they haven’t done–and then they can upload a new photo or several new photos.

H/T goes out to Jennifer Slegg who alerted me to this listing.

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