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Google Testing 3 Pack of Videos in Local Search Queries

Google is putting a 3-pack of videos in the search results for certain local search queries. The videos that are showing up in the search results 3-pack do not appear to be from YouTube or Google videos. Here is an example of a search query that shows the 3-pack of videos.

Google is also showing the 3-pack of videos along with the Google local listings (the 3 pack of maps listings), as well. Here’s an example of that, as well:

Based on a few anonymous sources I talked to today, the speculation is that these videos are showing up based on engagement with the videos. It doesn’t appear that these videos are ranking in YouTube or in Google video, so Google isn’t just pulling the top 3 ranking videos on YouTube for a search query and showing them in the organic search results.

This 3-pack of videos appears to show up for certain local search queries as well as certain affiliate search queries, as well. So, it’s not necessarily tied to local search queries, but that’s where it appears with the local maps results.

As you probably know, Google is constantly testing things all the time, and this 3-pack of videos may or may not stick around. But, based on my sources, it’s been around for several days now.

If I have any more information, I’ll update this post.

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