Bill Hartzer

Google Teams Up with Nokia to Offer Google Search on Nokia Mobile Phones


Google is partnering with Nokia to offer Google search to Nokia mobile phone users worldwide. If you have a Nokia cell phone, you will be able to use Google to find relevant information.

The Google search engine will be integrated with the Nokia Search application. This integration will start in certain markets with the Nokia N96, Nokia N78, Nokia 6210 Navigator and Nokia 6220 classic cell phones.

Google search is expected to be extended to more Nokia handset models in the near future. Nokia has plans to make Google search available to Nokia customers in over 100 countries around the world in more than 40 languages.

Nokia Search has been available on many Nokia devices for a while. But this new integration will highlight the Google’s ability to provide local search results.

Google search has been available on Nokia Internet tablets. Last year the Nokia N95 8GB became the first mobile device to fully support YouTube. Nokia Search is available on more than 40 different Nokia devices in over 40 languages and in more than 100 countries.

Apparently there were several other search engines that were vying to get integrated with Nokia’s mobile phones, and Google ended up being on top this time. Personally, I prefer to use the Yahoo! Mobile app that’s integrated with my cell phone.

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