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Google Posts on Google My Business Not Ready for Prime Time

Google has recently launched a new feature called Google Posts for local businesses. If you are a local business and have verified your business with Google My Business, you now have the option to post blog posts on your local business profile. This is really good for local business, as local businesses can update their listings with relevant information–and offer deals. But, I hate to say it, this new feature, Google Posts on Google My Business, is far from being ready for prime time.

There are weird quirks and issues that should have been caught and fixed way before this the Google Posts feature was made live. Especially for all Google My Business customers.

One of the biggest complaints I am getting from local businesses is how horrible one Google Posts post looks when you post the first one. Take a look at a local business that I manage–I have posted one post:

In this case, I added the post (without a photo) on Google Posts and also added the recommended “learn more” link. Well, take a look at the listing above! The “learn more” link is formatted in such a way in the Google search results that it appears on top of text from the post. This is using the latest version of Firefox (it looks different and OK in Google’s Chrome browser.

This “feature” appears this way in the Firefox browser when a local business has only one post on Google Posts, without a photo inserted in the post. In this case, since it looks so bad in Firefox, I’m saying that Google Posts isn’t ready for prime time yet. Perhaps this is something that they should fix, ASAP.

There are some other issues, such as the photos that are uploaded being cut off and not resized when they appear in the local business listing. Take a look at my posts:

The first one I’ve posted doesn’t have a photo, and the 2nd one next to it does have a photo. I would need to do quite a bit of adjusting the photo in order to make sure it looks right.

Having issues with Google Posts on Google My Business? Feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll help you figure it out.

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