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Now Offering Advanced Link Building Training

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As a part of my commitment to folks in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to help provide more search engine optimization knowledge, I’m teaming up with Majestic SEO (I’m one of their Brand Ambassadors), and Globe Runner (I’m a Senior SEO Strategist) to provide advanced link building training.

While the tool we use for the training is Majestic SEO, and the goal is for this to be advanced link building training. I’ll cover all the basics at first, and then get into advanced link building and linking training techniques and analysis. Here’s a list of what will be covered:

– The difference between anchor text links, branded links, and image links.
– What types of links does Google ignore when crawling?
– Paid versus “natural” links.
– Link Placement for maximum SEO value.
– Analyzing your links.
– Majestic SEO Site Explorer
– Majestic SEO Search Explorer
– Trust Flow and Topical Trust Flow
– Identifying Toxic or Low Quality Links pointing to your website.
– Identifying New Links and Lost links to your website.
– Using Advanced Anchor Text Analysis techniques
– How to analyze a website’s link profile.
– Cleaning Up a Website’s links.
– Disavowing Links, and which links to disavow with Google and Bing.
– Link Penalties and Manual Actions from Google, and how to submit a reconsideration request.
– More

There are a lot of issues that you need to understand when looking at and analyzing a website’s link profile and their links. Not every link will “count” when it comes to search engine rankings, and some links may hurt your website. During my training, I’ll cover everything on the list above, and “more”. I added “more” because there’s always something else that comes up at the last minute that we’ll want to cover. And, of course, there will be an opportunity to look at real link data, and examples of websites that have bad links and good, healthy links.

Who Should Attend This Advanced Link Building?
Whether or not your a small business owner with a website, work in marketing for a company, do in-house SEO, or work for an agency who provides Search Engine Optimization services, you’ll want to attend this advanced link building training event. While I’ll start with the basics, we’ll certainly cover just about every aspect of linking there is, and even some linking topics that you’ve never heard of before. Even if you’re one of the most advanced SEOs out there and you think you’ve heard it all and seen it all, I promise I’ll surprise you with something you didn’t know. There will be tons of takeaways from my link building training, and you may even end up winning a door prize.

The next link building training event will be held in North Dallas, at the end of September. If you’d like to get on the list (I’m sure this event will sell out quickly), get in touch with me and I’ll make sure I reserve a spot for you.

You can now register for the event here:

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