Bill Hartzer

Link Building Campaign

Linking from one website to another is an essential part of the internet. In fact, even before most of us used search engines, we used links on website to find and discover new websites and related websites. A link building campaign, also called a linking campaign, is the act of purposely finding and seeking out links from other websites to a company’s website.

Search engines use linking popularity (how many links a website has going to it) as a major part of their search engine algorithm–they’re especially looking for outstanding websites that are considered to be authorities on their subject. They determine this based on the number of on-topic links a website has going to it. The search engines essentially let the internet community decide which websites are the subject matter experts–and they assume that if a website has more links to it than another website on the same subject it must be important.

A link building campaign is an important part of the overall search engine marketing and optimization process–without appropriate, on-topic links to a company’s website, the website will not be considered a leader in its field and thus will not be listed well in the search engines’ organic search engine listings.

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