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I’m an Official Majestic SEO Brand Ambassador

I’m really excited about officially joining the Majestic SEO Ambassador program, and to have been accepted by the folks at Majestic SEO. I’ve been a proud user of Majestic SEO for many years now.

From the Majestic SEO Site:

“Brand Ambassadors are friends of Majestic SEO who are located around the world. They are individuals who have shown their commitment to Majestic in one form or another, and continue to promote the work of link building, data and reports which Majestic SEO produce.”

Here’s a bit more about the Majestic SEO program and it’s charter:

The Ambassadors Charter

“Brand Ambassadors to Majestic are volunteer advocates who passionately believe in the Majestic SEO project and want to share their knowledge with others.

Ambassadors respect Majestic SEO at all times and Majestic always ensures Ambassadors can remain true to their own values. They will never be asked to promote a product they do not believe in, or asked to be someone they are not. They are, however, Ambassadors because Majestic SEO has already recognized them as people of integrity and stature.

Ambassadors represent Majestic SEO on a world stage and receive on-going training of the product, giving them insight and knowledge that they wish to share with you when you meet them online or in person. They are often the public face of Majestic SEO, but remain independent and cannot always speak for Majestic on all things. There are times Majestic SEO has to speak for itself and an Ambassador is not expected or able to make promises on behalf of Majestic SEO.

Majestic SEO Ambassadors are carefully invited from clients and users who have already promoted Majestic SEO of their own accord, and shown a customer loyalty as brand advocates, that any business would be proud to have. We trust our Brand Ambassadors and entrust them to you.”

As part of my commitment to Majestic SEO, I plan on offering free Majestic SEO training in the Dallas, Texas area a few times each year, whether you are a Majestic SEO customer or not. It will be my chance to introduce you to Majestic SEO in person, and go into a lot of details about using the product and answer any in-depth link questions, in person. Details about when and where this training will occur will be announced shortly. If you’re interested in this training, get in touch with me and I’ll put you on the list so you’ll know exactly when and where the training will take place.

If you aren’t in the Dallas Texas area, I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming search-related conference and talking to you about Majestic SEO.

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