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Google Webmaster Tools Link Data Error Uploading into Google Docs

Way to go, Google. This just goes to show that the employees who work on your Google Webmaster Tools don’t talk to your Google Docs employees. Nothing can be more frustrating than using two Google products that don’t work with each other very well. Such is the case with Google Webmaster Tools and Google Docs.

If you’re a webmaster or web site owner and go into Google Webmaster Tools, you can download sample links to your web site. Google offers a download, either in CSV (comma separated format), usually which I open up in Microsoft Excel. Or, you can download the sample links to your site into Google docs format. Herein lies the problem.

If you have over 100,000 links to your web site (as my client does, they have over 1+ million links to their web site), Google will allow you to download 100,000 “sample links” to your web site. In this case, it’s less than 10 percent of the links to the web site (but I digress).

When you go to upload the links from CSV (Microsoft Excel format) into Google Docs, Google will not let you do that. You cannot upload a spreadsheet that has more than 400,000 cells in it. But that’s data that Google themselves give you.

I’m increasingly running into this cell limit error, especially dealing with data that Google Webmaster Tools themselves provides.

If Google gives you the data, then you should be able to upload it into Google Docs and work with it.

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