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Search Engine Rankings for January 2014: Search Queries up 8 Percent

Every month about this time comScore releases its search engine market share data for the previous month. I try to cover this every month, and report the search engine rankings. During January 2014, Google continued their reign in the search engine market with 67.6 percent the market share. Microsoft had 18.3 percent, and Yahoo! with 10.4 percent. Here’s some more detail:

19.6 billion search queries were conducted in the United States during January 2014.

What’s interesting to note, there were 13.2 billion search queries performed: which is up 7 percent.

Microsoft was second, with 3.6 billion search queries performed on their sites, which is up 8 percent.

Yahoo! had 2 billion search queries performed on their sites, which is up 3 percent.

Ask Network had 477 million search queries performed, which was up 5 percent over the previous period (December 2013).

And finally, AOL, Inc. had 253 million search queries performed during January 2014, which is up 8 percent.

It looks to me like overall we performed more searches during January 2014 than we did during December 2013, anywhere from 3 percent to 8 percent more search queries total. I attribute to this to the holiday season, as I bet we weren’t online searching as much in the last few weeks of December. But, it’s also some internet growth, as well, more people are getting online. And more cell phones are smartphones now, with the ability to search.

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