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Lycos Reveals Top Search Phrases for Week Ending June 30, 2007

Lycos, the former-search-engine-turned-internet-portal, has come out with their list of the top keyword searches for the week ending June 30, 2007.

The death of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)’s Chris Benoit continued to drive a record number of searches, and the top iPhone searches include searches for iPhone accessories and reviews.

Lycos also revealed that searches for diets (probably having to do with the summer), Wimbledon (yes, it’s tennis season again), and eMule (a P2P file sharing app for Windows) were all top gainers.

Here’s the Lycos 50, the top movers and shakers for the week:

  Biggest Movers and Shakers for Week Ending June 30, 2007:
  1.         Chris Benoit          159300%
  2.         Diets                    815%
  3.         Wimbledon                522%
  4.         Heather Mills            400%
  5.         eMule                    325%
  6.         Shrek 3                  200%
  7.         iPhone                   179%
  8.         Barry Bonds              118%
  9.         Poker                    101%
  10.        Cristiano Ronaldo         89%

Lycos is reporting that keyword search activity Chris Benoit (#3) continues to explode, and is up 159,300% over the previous week, giving Benoit his first official appearance on The Lycos 50. This is the third most popular search phrase this week. News surrounding Benoit’s death has also caused a “surge in search interest for the WWE (#2), up 55% over the past week” according to Lycos.

As we all stood in line waiting to get our new iPhones last week, the keyword search activity for the iPhone continued to climb up a whopping 179%. Lycos says that the most popular iPhone related search queries include:

iPhone Accessories
iPhone Reviews

Here’s the latest of the Lycos 50:

Te LYCOS 50(TM) Top 10 Search Terms
for the Week Ending June 30, 2007:
1.  Paris Hilton          
2.  WWE                  
3.  Chris Benoit         
4.  Pokemon             
5.  Naruto
6.  Britney Spears
7.  MySpace
8.  RuneScape
9.  YouTube
10. Disney

Lycos is now a subsidiary of Daum Communications Corporation. Lycos is a leading Internet portal and e-commerce destination in Korea with a growing presence throughout the Asian markets. Lycos, Inc. operates search and technology websites that foster online communities, including the new Lycos Cinema and Lycos MIX video platforms, combining community with high-quality broadband video content. Other Lycos products and sites include,,,,, Lycos Mail, Lycos Phone, Lycos Entertainment, Lycos Music and Lycos Planet. Lycos was acquired by Korean Daum Communications Corp. in October 2004 and has its U.S. headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts. Daum Communications Corp. is traded on the KOSDAQ: 035720,

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