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comScore Releases USA Search Engine Rankings for May 2007

comScore, a company that “measures the digital world” has released their monthly qSearch analysis of the internet activity across the major search engines. comScore reports that in May 2007, Google’s web sites had 50.7 percent of the USA search market; Google gained one full share point over the previous month, April 2007.

Yahoo! web sites actually maintained their second place ranking with a total of 26.4 percent of all the searches in the United States. Yahoo! was followed by Microsoft’s web sites at 10.3 percent and then the Ask Network at 5.0 percent. The Time Warner Network had 4.6 percent of the total searches in the USA during the month of May 2007.

  Share of Online Searches by Engine
  April 2007 - May2007
  Total U.S. Home, Work and University Internet Users
  Source: comScore qSearch

                                Apr-07   May-07   Pt Chg vs.

  Total Internet Population     100.0%   100.0%      N/A
  Google Sites                   49.7%    50.7%      1.0
  Yahoo! Sites                   26.8%    26.4%     -0.4
  Microsoft Sites                10.3%    10.3%      0.0
  Ask Network                     5.1%     5.0%     -0.1
  Time Warner Network             5.0%     4.6%     -0.4

According to the comScore statistics, Americans conducted 7.6 billion searches in May 2007. This was actually up 4 percent versus April 2007 and up 11 percent versus May 2006.

Google’s web sites was the leader with 3.9 billion search queries performed and Yahoo! had 2.0 billion searches. Microsoft web sites had 782 million seaches, the Ask Network had 384 million searches, and the Time Warner Network had 348 million searches during the month.

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