Bill Hartzer Reveals Top Search Phrases for 2007 has revealed it’s Real Deal list of the top keyword search phrases for 2007. They said that it has been a MySpace year, and are revealing other interesting findings such as Barack Obama beating Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, the Boston Red Sox took the playing field, and Hannah Montana took over the TV screen.

According to, “social media was on a lot of people’s minds, with MySpace garnering the #1 spot, but no other social networking services made the top 10. General information and entertainment searches dominated the list, with Dictionary in a solid #2 position.”

Well, let’s get on with the rankings…'s Top Real Deal Searches of 2007
  1.  MySpace                  6.  Cars
  2.  Dictionary               7.  Weather
  3.  Google                   8.  Games
  4.  Themes                   9.  Song Lyrics
  5.  Area Codes               10. Movies

I find it interesting that the dictionary and area codes over took cars and weather…I thought people really cared about the weather? But again, there weren’t as many hurricanes this past year as they originally predicted.

Presidential Hopefuls
If the presidential race relied solely on search, the Democrats would come out on top right now. “’s 2007 presidential candidate queries were tallied and Barack Obama took the #1 spot. Even if Obama had not been victorious, the Democrats would still win the day, with Hillary Clinton at #2. However, on the red side of the house, Republican candidate Fred Thompson (#3) carried a commanding lead over his opponents.”'s Top Presidential Candidate Searches of 2007
  1.  Barack Obama             6.  John McCain
  2.  Hillary Clinton          7.  Ron Paul
  3.  Fred Thompson            8.  Rudy Giuliani
  4.  John Edwards             9.  Mike Huckabee
  5.  Mitt Romney              10. Dennis Kucinich

Boston Red Sox
The Boston Red Sox won the World Series and also won the top spot on’s list of this year’s most popular sports team searches. This year’s Super Bowl champions didn’t fair as well, with the Indianapolis Colts edged out of the top 10. Still, Indiana can take heart, knowing that their sports teams still make the grade. The South Bend, Indiana-based Notre Dame Fighting Irish not only snagged the #10 slot, but they have the distinction of being the only college team to make the list.'s Top Sports Team Searches of 2007
  1.  Boston Red Sox           6.  New York Yankees
  2.  Dallas Cowboys           7.  Green Bay Packers
  3.  New England Patriots     8.  Pittsburgh Steelers
  4.  Colorado Rockies         9.  Chicago Cubs
  5.  Chicago Bears            10. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Maybe it has to do with my Dallas Cowboys doing so well this year, or maybe it was because of the Cowboys’ Organization failing to purchase a great domain name ( In any case, the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t beat out the Boston Red Sox when it came to search this year.

Hannah Montana Rules TV
Hannah Montana, touring the country this year with her father (a guy who we don’t like here in Texas because of past things he’s done in Dallas), has a hit Disney Channel series…which has “also landed her the top spot in’s list of 2007’s most popular television shows, securing her title as the reigning “Queen of Tween.” Cartoon programming held its own this year, with “Family Guy” securing the #2 slot and “SpongeBob SquarePants” nabbing #3. In addition, proving first-run isn’t everything, “Gilmore Girls” (#7) and “Charmed” (#9), both currently in syndication, outranked ABC primetime darling “Grey’s Anatomy” (#10).”'s Top Television Show Searches of 2007
  1.  Hannah Montana           6.  Big Brother
  2.  Family Guy               7.  Gilmore Girls
  3.  SpongeBob SquarePants    8.  South Park
  4.  WWE                      9.  Charmed
  5.  American Idol            10. Grey's Anatomy

I personally didn’t know that SpongeBob was so popular, but again, he’s on all the time and just narrowly beat out WWE and American Idol. Wow, it’s been another banner year for search.

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