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Ads and Data Privacy Promote Customer Dissatisfaction in Social Media, Search

Want a sure-fire way to dissatisfy users on social media? Show them ads and mess with their private data. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®) 2018 E-Business Report, customer satisfaction with social media as a whole fell 1.4 percent to a score of 72 on the ACSI’s 100-point scale. Customer satisfaction with social media ranked it among the bottom five of all industries measured by ACSI.

Highlights of the Report

In the internet news and opinion category, maintained its lead over, with a distant last place. In the search engine category, Google continues to be in the lead.

Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn were the only social media sites to improve customer satisfaction this year. In fact, user satisfaction with Pinterest grew. Pinterest users gave it really high marks when it came to the amount of ads and protection of their data.

LinkedIn gained some additional user satisfaction, but not much–it’s still in last place next to Twitter.

Search Engines

It’s no surprise that Google remains the top search engine when it comes to user satisfaction. However, there are some interesting changes to note. According to the ACSI report:

The full ACSI report can be read here:

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