Bill Hartzer

What We Really Think of Internet Marketing Gurus

Imagine that you just lost your job and decided to start your own business. You have heard that you can make money online, at home, in your pajamas. So, you go on over to Google and search for “work from home opportunities” or “make money online”. What do you find? Probably something like this:

All sorts of “work at home” opportunities, from so-called “gurus”. They all want to sell you something. If you start digging through the search results, usually you will find all sorts of scams from so-called “guru” type personalities that promise to show you how to “get rich beyond your wildest dreams”, with the push of a button. Well, Jim Kukral and Shawn Collins has decided to change that. They’ve started a website called (which is no longer up and running) that was place for small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers of all levels of experience to get together to learn and network in an unfiltered atmosphere that is void of hype. put together a report called The 2011 Report. It offers an inside look as what people really think of gurus. Summary: It’s not pretty for the self-proclaimed gurus. Take a look at this:

Here is a sampling of what found:

— 89% of participants felt skeptical when the word guru was referenced, compared to only 11% who said they felt excited
— When asked whether or not they themselves would ever refer to themselves as a guru, only 5% said yes, while 19% answered maybe. 30% gave an absolute answer of never, and 46% said no
— When asked whether they would ever purchase a product from a guru, 41% said they would never, but 59% said they might if they needed the product is the #1 way to build your business, without being obnoxious. It’s a community for small business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone else who want to learn and share with others ways to build a profitable and long-term business without having to resort to lame marketing and sales tactics that the gurus employ.

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