Bill Hartzer

Google to Shut Down Small Business Community from Google

We’ve already heard that Google is closing down their social media site Google Plus, closing it down faster than previously expected. Now, we have yet another Google social community being closed down on January 16th, 2019: the Small Business Community from Google is shutting down rather abruptly.

Up until now I wasn’t really aware of the Small Business Community from Google, or I would have most likely have participated more. In fact, I had to sign up for it in order to see the top post, pinned up to the top of this message board type of site:

“Thank you for being a member of the Small Business Community from Google. We’ve enjoyed being on this journey with you and appreciate all the tips, insights and enthusiasm shared along the way.

The Community will be closing in a few weeks; your last chance to access it will be January 16th. We will keep you posted on any future Community efforts. We hope you’ve made many connections as a member, and will continue to benefit from those relationships in the future.

For continued support, please check out these resources:

Primer app for quick and easy lessons on business and marketing skills
Grow with Google for free training, tools and events
Google My Business Product Support Community to connect with product experts and business owners

Best wishes for an exciting and prosperous 2019!

Many thanks,

The team at the Small Business Community from Google”

In the message, which was also emailed to members and posted about 18 hours ago, members are being pointed to the Primer app, Grow with Google, and the Google My Business Product Support Community. Closing down a site so quickly is rather odd–you’d think that they would give it more time, giving it a few months. But it could be due to just a lack of participation in this community. According to their members page (which allows you to see all of the other members), there are only about 8800 members:

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