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Google to Start Showing Company Logos in Search Results?

Based on what I am seeing using the Google Rich Snippets Tool, it looks like Google is going to be soon showing your company logo in the search results, just like they’re currently doing with Google Authorship.

Just like Google Authorship, companies that have verified their Google Publisher status using Rel=Publisher as well as set up their Google Plus business page, you’ll start seeing your company logo alongside your website in the Google search results.

I have been in touch with Barry from Search Engine Roundtable, and as of this post, they have not yet confirmed officially with Google whether or not they’re going to be rolling out logos for rel=publisher.

But, based on my experience, I am pretty sure that this is going to be the case, It’s my gut feeling, since it’s a logical next step in the who authorship / publisher / Google Plus verification and transparency thing.

I first saw Kahena’s post about the company logos appearing in the Google Rich Snippets testing tool, I then wrote about it on the Standing Dog Blog, titled Google to Show Company Logos in Search Results.

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