Bill Hartzer

Google Maps Ms. Pacman Can’t Play on Country Roads

For April Fool’s 2017, Google Maps has implemented a new feature that allows you to play Ms. Pacman on the roads. It’s Google Maps Ms. Pacman. Apparently, though, I cannot play it on the roads where I live. Turns out that there aren’t enough roads where I live, so I cannot actually play the game:

If you go to Google maps, you’ll see a new feature in the bottom left corner that looks like this:

Click on the Google Maps Ms. Pacman icon/square and you’ll be taken to the game that you can plan. If I get it to work here in East Texas I’ll post screen captures. But, at this time it just doesn’t work. No worries, though, as I’m used to being well behind the times here, as we only get 3mb/s DSL internet connections here.

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