Bill Hartzer

Google Customizes Their Home Page on Your Birthday

I haven’t noticed this before, but Google customizes their home page for you on your birthday. Perhaps this is new this year, as I didn’t notice it last year on my birthday. Yep, it’s my birthday today, November 27th.

When you click on the Google logo, it takes you to a search results for the day. Today, it takes me to the search result for November 27th:

Interesting information, such as “November 27 is the 331st day of the year (332nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar”, and a few Tweets from various people (Holy Trinity GAA, BabyPips, and Pope Francis Quotes) also show up. I also share birthdays with Sam Golbach, Bruce Lee, Bill Nye, blackbear and Chris Smoove. Maybe I’m old now, but I only recognize Bruce Lee, blackbear, and Bill Nye.

If you’re wondering how Google knows it’s your birthday, they’re most likely getting it from here:, which is the “My Account” section under “personal information”.

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