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Google My Business: How Many Business.Site Websites Have Been Built?

A while back, Google My Business launched a few new features, including the ability to make posts and the ability to create a website. I’ve written about these before. Just recently, though, I started looking into how successful these new Google My Business websites are. In effort to see more data about them, I’ve used a few tools to do a deep dive into the data about Business.Site. After all, Business.Site is, in fact a New gTLD domain name (.SITE is a Top Level Domain), and Business.Site is a domain name.

Google My Business is offering verified businesses a chance to create their own one-page website, from right inside Google My Business. I have created my own site over here:

You’ll notice a few things about that URL, though:

Since Business.Site is, in fact, a domain name, I started to look into some of the data behind Here’s some interesting stats:

According to, the websites, as a whole, get about 5,000 visits a month from organic search:

And, there are actually several local businesses who are using Google AdWords to drive traffic to their website:

That’s 16,400 visits via paid search to websites, but that’s down this month. Down a whopping 34 percent. So, apparently those GMB listing owners don’t think it’s a solid investment. Since they can’t track the visits and leads very easily (although you could track the leads through links on the page using tracking parameters), I don’t think they’re savvy enough to do that. Nonetheless, they’ve collectively spent about $55,000 US dollars recently.

And finally, take a look at the competitors:

And finally, if you’re wondering, there are about 639,000 (or so) web pages (websites) indexed in Google. You can see them by using this search query:

The one that’s ranking the best, with the most search engine traffic for their main keyword? Touch of Soul.

By the way, you can buy your own .SITE domain name at registrars, including NameCheap. In a recent search at NameCheap, I’ve been able to find unique .site domain names available for as little as $.88 cents for the first year of registration.

Google My Business Case Study

I recently completed in-depth research about Business.Site and Google’s use of this domain name for Google My Business websites. Read more about Google My Business websites, and download my Business.Site Google My Business case study.

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