Bill Hartzer

Can You Submit URL to Google Someone Else’s Page and Get It Indexed?

Can you submit a web page URL to Google from someone else’s website, that’s not indexed yet, and get that page indexed quickly? Well, Marie Haynes asked that question on Twitter and thus this blog post was born.

As you might recall, I’ve posted earlier about the submit URL to Google feature, and that it’s in the search results if you search for it. Another way to get a page indexed in Google fairly quickly is to use Google’s Fetch and Render tool. But, with the Fetch and Render or Fetch As Google tool, you have to be logged into Google in order to use it. Yesterday, by the way, that submit url to Google feature was broken for a while.

In this case, with this blog post, we’re going to use the Submit URL to Google feature that shows up in the search results and see if someone else can submit this URL and see if it gets indexed quickly. I suspect that it will work, just as planned. But it will also say that I posted this five hours ago, which will show that Google’s time stamp on search results is still broken.

If this feature works as planned, I’ll update this post below.

After posting this, Marie Haynes was nice enough to submit this URL to Google using the submit url to Google feature, and she was able to get this blog post indexed right away, within minutes.

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