Bill Hartzer

Are Ads Coming to Google+ ? Probably Not Very Soon

By now I’m sure you’re aware of all of the Facebook Ads that are all over the place. Not only can you advertise on Facebook’s sidebar, you can also promote posts. Google+, though, seems to be different. Will we see Google AdWords ads on Google Plus anytime soon? Well, based on a comment I received on a recent Google+ post of mine, it doesn’t sound that we will be seeing ads on Google+ anytime soon.

First, a little history of this. DejanSEO posted about something they found in the page source of a Google+ Page:

While managing our Google+ page today I noticed an ad for Adwords Express in the promo bar. It was suggesting that I can pay for more followers through advertising in search, maps and mobile (display is also available).

There seems to be some additional code on the page that might indicate a place for ads to appear on Google+. For more about this, see the DejanSEO post. Well, here is where it gets interesting.

I went ahead and posted (see below) on Google+ that we may be seeing ads on Google+ at some point. Perhaps he was doing some damage control (who knows?), but Vic Gundotra commented on my Google+ post:

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