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What is the Value of a Domain Name?

Do domain names make good investments? Well, in short, yes, they do. Domain names are the real estate of the internet. There is only a finite number of dictionary words, and a dictionary-word dot com leads the pack when it comes to investment value. In fact, with millions of people getting online, the value of a domain name can only go up.

The leader in domain name sales, Domain Name Sales, founded by Frank Schilling, just redesigned their website. Included is an amazing video that describes the value of a domain name perfectly. Take a look at the video:

As my friend Elliot explains in his post about the redesign, the redesign of Domain Names Sales and including this video is going to have a strong impact on all of us. I believe both end users, buyers of domain names, and even domain sellers will be impacted.

Elliot explains one important point here in his list of several new improvements to the site:

[the site is…]more focused on educating the visitors about the value of a good domain name..

Rather than being just one of the other “lists of domain name sales websites”, the site is focused specifically on education users about the value of domain names. Once you realize how valuable domain names can be and that they will only go up in value over time, then it makes it so much easier to spend the money to acquire a premium domain name.

Congrats, Frank and the Domain Name Sales team: you have a great site that will impact us all.

Michael Berkens of The has also covered this story about Domain Name Sales launching the new version of their site.

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