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Verified Domains Provides Comprehensive Background Checks for Domains

Verified Domains Due Diligence for Domain Names

This week, I’ve launched our new service called Verified Domains. Verified Domains is the first-ever service on the internet that provides comprehensive background checks for domain names. I have personally been working on this patent-pending process since the beginning of this year. Before you buy a domain name and start using it for your website, I urge you to get your domain verified. Not only will we uncover any potential problems with the domain name before you use it, we guarantee it, up to $50,000.

I’ve written a pretty comprehensive post on the Verified Domains site titled “Why Verified Domains” that includes some of the background and what it’s all about. Essentially, it all started with a conversation at NamesCon with Brandon from We both were in agreement that if such a service like Verified Domains was started, that it would be helpful. A while back when I bought a used car, I ordered several CarFax reports, getting the history of those cars. It simply gave me a bit more information about the vehicle’s history, and minimized some of the risk of buying a used car.

And let me tell you, I’ve been marketing websites, creating websites, writing and blogging, and I’ve seen my share of spam. I’ve seen plenty of awesome domain names churned and burned by spammers. I’ve seen companies buy domains and then find that those domains had search engine penalties. Even ZDNet blamed Google for their own lack of performing due diligence on a domain that they bought at a GoDaddy auction.

So, before you buy that next domain name, do yourself a favor and order a Verified Domains report.

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