Bill Hartzer

The New gTLD Domain Name Extensions Explained, Using Pizza

Recently, there have been a few interesting posts and videos that I’ve liked that make their points using pizza. So, here are the new gTLD domain name extensions, explained using pizza. Really, it’s pretty simple:

1. The old, traditional .COM is the cheese pizza.

2. Then we had .NET, .ORG, the Pepperoni and Sausage pizzas.

3. Then came along the New gTLD domain extension, giving us so many more awesome choices:

Hawaiian, vegetarian, mac ‘n cheese, pizza rolls, breakfast pizza, stuffed crust, and the hot dog in the crust pizza. And there’s the toppings to make your pizza different, like mushrooms, onions, bacon, extra cheese, black olives, green peppers, and spinach. Then anchovies, and…

You see, domain name extensions are like pizza. .COM is the plain old cheese pizza, the new gTLDs are all the extra choices we now have.

And if you’d like to see another one of my favorites, check out this video about web hosting, explained using pizza!

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