Bill Hartzer

Prove You’re Rich with a Dot Rich Domain Name

I’ve been writing a lot about the new gTLD domain names, and many of them I really like as an alternative to the dot com domain TLD. But then there are some that I just don’t get. Let’s take, for example, the .rich gTLD.

I-REGISTRY Ltd., the registry for the .rich gTLD, has decided to price the .rich domain names at $3,0000 US dollars each. And that’s an annual registration fee, not the pre-order or initial price. When you purchase a .rich domain name, you’ll also get a “membership”, which gives you certain privileges:

– encrypted emails (e.g., firstname at
– a custom website
– dedicated service team
– personal trustee
– invitations to VIP events.

A portion of the cost of each domain name will be donated to a charity, to be chosen by .rich domain name owners, who will “submit recommendations for various charities and vote on which ones will receive a donation”.

If you have $3,000 to purchase a .rich domain name, then do you realize that you could probably just go buy a premium .com domain name? I know plenty of people who have really good, brandable domain names for sale for under $3,000.

So far, I-REGISTRY Ltd. has agreements with about 45 different registrars. I checked, and they’re selling .rich domain names for $2,974.99.

I’ve heard of Keyword Rich domain names, but I guess the best keyword rich domain name would be:

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