Bill Hartzer

More Proof Apple Moving to .Apple TLD Soon? domain name

Is Apple going to finally move to their new TLD (Top Level Domain) .Apple soon? Well, if new domain name registrations are any indication, there are 10 new ways that may show proof of that. Apple recently registered 10 new domain names that all end in their brand name, Apple.

As part of a defensive domain name registration move, it would make sense for Apple to register these names and redirect them to the new location, the new URL. For example, would redirect to in case someone got confused and added “.com” to the end of the domain name when they typed it in (or linked to it).

What makes me speculate about the fact that Apple is getting ready to move at some point to their own .Apple TLD is the domain names that were registered:

– CheckRepair.Apple would be a site where you can check on the status of the repair of your Apple product.
– Register.Apple would be a site where you can register your Apple product.
– SupportForm.Apple would host the form for getting to Apple Support.

The other domain name registrations are interesting, as well, especially communities, discussions Chinese, and discussions Korea.

If you might recall, Apple owns there own TLD now, and there are several domains already registered, including and You can follow their domains by looking to see which domains are indexed.

I don’t have a timeframe of when they would be launching or moving to their new TLD, but I do think it’s inevitable at some point, and doing so will be a real big “win” for the New gTLDs.

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