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Microsoft Working on Project Madeira

Based on domain name registrations by Microsoft in the past few days, Microsoft appears to be working on a project called “Microsoft Madeira”. It could also be called “Project Madeira”. I haven’t seen anything related to this yet based on a Google search:

Even though there are some results in Google based on Microsoft and the fact that Madeira is a region in Portugal. But, based on a significant amount of domain names registered by Microsoft in the past few days, it looks like they’re working on something:

There were 11 domain names registered related to Cortana, and “Cortana Intelligence Suite” which is probably related to Cortana Analytics. But what caught my eye was their registration of 18 domains related to Microsoft Madeira and Project Madeira. They must be planning on the public knowing about this project, as they registered the misspellings of the .com and the .net TLDs.

Bing search results does have a reference to an article “Microsoft Hints at Future Dynamics NAV Plans with Demo of ‘Madeira’ Capabilities” which does make me thing that it’s related to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and that article is from October 2015.

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