Bill Hartzer

Microsoft Registers Outlook Domain Names: A Lesson In Protecting Your Brand

Microsoft recently launched as a new online email service, to rival Google’s Gmail. will be replaced by On the same day that Microsoft rebooted, they registered a whole slew of similar domain names–in a move that looks like it’s mainly to protect the Outlook brand.

By looking at the list of domain names that Microsoft recently registered, we can learn their domain name strategy to protect the brand. We can also speculate on some of their future plans regarding Skype and Outlook and the possible future relationship between the two.

Here is the list of domain names that Microsoft registered, related to the new

To protect your brand online, and your main domain name, you would want to own the typos of your domain name. So, I would expect that Microsoft would own the domains that people might typically mistype when trying to go to They registered the domain that includes letters that are next to the letter K on the keyboard–,,, and If you want to protect your brand, you may consider looking at your domain name and registering domains that include the characters that are found close to the name on the keyboard.

Another typical “typo” of a domain name includes the www subdomain of your domain name. So, is a good move by Microsoft.

By looking at the list of Outlook domain names registered by Microsoft, we can speculate on future plans–like including Microsoft’s Skydrive and Skype as a part of the new

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