Bill Hartzer

Microsoft Buys 26 Contosoyams Domain Names

Microsoft is up to something. I’m not sure what, but I am really curious as to why Microsoft recently registered 26 domain names at once: all related to the word contosoyams. From my research so far, I have not been able to find any references anywhere to contosoyams, and can only determine that this is a fictitious word made up by someone at Microsoft.

The whole reason I bring this up is that Microsoft doesn’t normally register a lot of domain names all at once like this. And when they register both the .com and the .net, there’s a reason for it: to protect the brand name or the domain they’re registering. And in this case, they registered the .com, the .net, and domains that include numbers, as well.

Microsoft has purchased multiple domain names before, but when they did it there was a good reason for doing it.

Here is the list of domain names that they registered, all at once within the past 24 hours:

These domains could be used for several different purposes, such as for testing or training purposes. They could also be the internal names of servers or something related to that.

I cannot imagine that contosoyams has any branding potential. I checked Google Translate and Google says that it detected that the word was Spanish. But, I couldn’t find any reference to contosoyams anywhere in or even any of the Spanish Google sites.

With some additional research, someone pointed out to me that Contoso is a fictional company that Microsoft owns, and they use Contoso often in their documentation. So, that part makes sense now. But is Contoso going to start selling yams?

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