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Microsoft Acquires Synsup Labs Domain Names

In an interesting move that might indicate an upcoming acquisition or a major project in the works, Microsoft has acquired 47 domain names related to Synsup Labs. I have done some initial research, but am unable to come up with anything even remotely related to Microsoft and Synsup Labs or even Synsuplabs, so I am convinced that this most likely is related to an upcoming major project over at Microsoft.

Here is the list of domain names related to Synsuplabs that Microsoft has quietly acquired today:

There are several companies on my radar whose domain name acquisitions always pique my interest, for a few reasons. Microsoft’s domain acquisitions are rather interesting based on their history of domain name acquisitions: Microsoft does not usually acquire domain names and point them to their main nameserver, Today was an exception, though, as Microsoft as acquired a whopping 47 domain names.

Currently, these domain names resolve to actual search queries at the search engine.

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