Bill Hartzer

List of New gTLDs – New Domain Names Coming Soon

Very soon there will be a lot more choices when it comes to registering and owning a domain name. We’ve all be used to using .com, .net, and .org as TLDs (Top Level Domains) but there are actually are a lot more, including .travel, .biz, .info, and even the ccTLDs (Country Code TLDs), such as .ca for Canada and for the United Kingdom.

.XYZ is one of the new gTLDs that’s coming soon.

Well, there are several hundred new gTLDs coming (Generic TLDs) and you’ll soon be able to have a lot more choices. Some say that this is going to be a good thing, while others are not so sure. Will adding hundreds of new options suddenly make the prices of .COMs go up or down? There has been a big debate in the domain industry going on, and I recently covered the Namescon conference recently held in Las Vegas that I attended.

Here is a list of the new gTLDs that will soon be available. In order to purchase one or pre-order a name, you can go to a registrar like Namecheap or Godaddy. Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry will soon be offering domain names, as well.


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