Bill Hartzer

Is Microsoft Getting Ready for a Bing to Kumo Brand Change?

As Danny Sullivan reported a while back, Microsoft has been testing and playing around with a new brand, called Kumo. As he reported, when you went to there used to be an actual search engine there, that looked a lot like today’s However, what I find very interesting to note: You can no longer search at In fact, when you go to now, it redirects to

Is Microsoft getting ready to change the Bing brand to Kumo? Well, that may be the case–if the big change Microsoft made in the past 24 hours means anything. Microsoft changed the nameservers of 211 domains that they own, to the MSFT.Net nameservers. If they had no plans at all to start using the Kumo brand publicly, then they probably would not have any reason to make this change? That’s only my speculation, at this point. Nothing has been officially announced.

Here is a list of the Kumo domains:

Just to clarify: these domain names were originally registered by Microsoft back in November 2007. However, the big change that they made just now is the fact that they were originally on different nameservers–and now they have been moved to point to the main MSFT.Net nameservers. What I’m questioning here is: why now?

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