Bill Hartzer

Huffington Post Live Bros Coming Soon?

The Huffington Post, whose HuffPost Live live-streaming network has become increasingly popular, may be getting ready to launch HuffBros Live, on

AOL, the company that owns the Huffington Post, recently registered the “” domain name, possibly indicating that they are getting ready to launch a new live-streaming network. I’m not sure exactly who the “Huff Bros” would be, and there has been no indication (as far as I can tell) that “Huff Bros” has been mentioned anywhere online. Google searches turn up nothing related to the “Huff Bros”.

When companies are getting ready to launch a new product or service, they often will register domain names ahead of time, in order to get the domain name before words gets out about their future plans. However, in other cases, a company will register a domain name simply as an offensive move, in order to keep the name away from domainers and cybersquatters.

Whatever the case with, I personally think that there’s a good potential for AOL to launch a new live streaming network, called “Huff Bros Live”. One of the reasons that leads me to believe that this is the case is that AOL typically doesn’t register a lot of new domain names.

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