Bill Hartzer

HBO Isn’t Watching: And They Don’t Care Where You Watch

HBO (Home Box Office) isn’t watching anymore. And they do not care where you watch and even if you are watching it. Wait. What?!? That’s right, HBO does not care, whatsoever, where you are watching the fight.

HBO failed to renew 16 domain names, all related to “where are you watching” or “where are you watching the fight”. I’m not sure if this was part of a planned advertising campaign at some point, or if there was some sort of campaign that they had previously had that is outdated now. I couldn’t find any references on the web related to “where are you” and there’s nothing that I could find in

However, the phrase “where are you watching” is a great brandable phrase in my opinion: it could be used for any sort of advertising campaign related to “the Big Game” such as the Super Bowl (where are you watching it), or, in this case, some sort of upcoming “big fight” (as in boxing, UFC, or otherwise).

What I find kind of interesting, though, is that in seemingly ‘normal’ conversation, this phrase is used a lot. Even in Tweets and ReTweets from @hbo:

In any case, here’s the list of domain names that HBO didn’t renew. Most likely they’ll become available for anyone to register soon:

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