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Google Supports Emoji Domains: Here’s How to Register Them

emoji domains

In this mobile-first world that we’re in, emojis like 😉 and 🙂 are becoming increasingly popular. Google’s search results do, in fact, support emoji characters. Especially in domain names. And, since we’re all using our mobile phones now, and have emoji keyboards built into our phones, it only make sense to consider an emoji domain.

GoDaddy launched a domain name search engine last month that allows you to search for available emoji domains.

If you’re thinking of a certain combination of emojis for a domain name, such as “soccer star” or “happy sunglasses”, then that domain name may be available. First, though, you need to start with the list. You can use the list here, it lists all of the emojis.

Then, go on over to GoDaddy’s emoji search engine:

That URL, by the way, is the IDN equivalent of “heart heart heart” dot ws, for “website”.

Emoji domains are 100 percent compatible with all web browsers, especially mobile browsers. .WS is the only Top Level Domain (TLD), though, that’s accepting emojis. So, it’s got to be a .ws domain or you can’t get one. They’re $4.99 per year.

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