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Google Loses Blogspot.In Domain Name

Google has lost ownership to one of their Blogspot domain names. Blogspot is the former name of the blogging service that allowed bloggers to create and post their own blog for free. redirects to, where you can continue to create and post on your own blog. is the India version of Blogspot, each Blogspot blog was redirected to the local version (typically a ccTLD). So, someone viewing a blogspot blog in India would be redirected to

Based on the current WHOIS data for, it looks like the domain registrar Domainming has acquired the domain name.

Registrant Country in
Registrar Domainming
IANA ID: 801389
Whois Server: —
Registrar Status inactive
Dates 14 days old
Created on 2020-06-24
Expires on 2021-06-24
Updated on 2020-06-29

The domain name was registered on June 24, 2020, so it appears that it was a dropped or expired domain name.

It is currently listed for sale on for $5,999 according to DomainTools:

For brands (and former brands), I typically recommend not letting a former domain name expire like this, especially if it was used as for a website. In this case it was used for literally thousands and thousands of pages and a LOT of blogs.

Currently, there are about 140 million backlinks pointing to pages on, down from a high of 656 million backlinks (according to This is a highly-sought-after domain, as the Majestic Trust Flow is 44 and the Citation Flow is 55. Currently there appears to be only one page indexed in Google, ironically. But, nonetheless, I would still have not let this domain name expire.

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