Bill Hartzer

GoDaddy Price Confusion Over Premium New gTLD Domains

There appears to be a bug in how GoDaddy is displaying the prices of some New gTLD domain names. At one point, depending on how you search for the domain name, the price will display as one price: but if you search for a .com domain name, then GoDaddy’s site is showing a different price for the same domain name. Here’s an example of this.

When you search for a New gTLD domain name, such as the one shown in the example above, you’ll be given the price for the “premium domain name”, which is $4,999.00 (yes, $5 thousand dollars). But another search shows the domain name for only $29.99, which is certainly not the $5K that was shown earlier.

Most likely, this is just a bug in GoDaddy’s site, as I doubt that you could really purchase that premium domain name for only $30. And I doubt that you’d be able to acquire the domain name at the cheaper price, even if you were to go through the shopping cart process and pay for it. Most likely the domain name would be taken back at a later time.

I looked at and it looks like that particular domain,, is a premium domain:

Enom is offering it for only $3,000 which is a steal compared to the $5,000 that GoDaddy wants to sell it for.

Why GoDaddy would offer premium domains at a lower price with a different type of search, I’m not sure. Must be a mistake on their part.

H/T goes out to (not provided) for pointing out this error. Thanks Joe.

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