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Domain Names for Sale: Why You Should Buy a Keyword Rich Domain Name

One of the best kept secrets of the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industry is the expired domain name auctions that exist out there. If someone does not renew their domain name, it is frequently put up for auction on by the registrar itself, like Godaddy. If you do not renew your domain name at, then there is a good chance that the domain name will appear on their expired domain name auctions.

The expired domain name auctions are a best kept secret in the search engine optimization industry because many do not take advantage of these expired domain name auctions. Sure, you may have an existing website. But what if you were able to purchase the domain name of a competitor and redirect all of their traffic over to your website? Whether or not redirecting that traffic to your website helps your search engine ranking is debatable (and may change in the future). But, simply buying an expired domain name of your competitor and redirecting it to your website should bring some more traffic and sales, right?

I do own my share of domain names, and from time to time will list the domain names I am not going to use for sale. Here is a list of the domain names that I have for sale this week and a link to their domain name auction:

AlbanyLawyers.Net – I had plans for this domain name but have changed direction. Last time I checked there were a LOT of cities out there named “Albany”, and the lawyer and legal industry is finally coming around and realizing that keyword rich domain names have a lot of value. This is a great domain name to own, even though it’s a dot net TLD (Top Level Domain). – Again, this is a great lawyer-related or legal domain name. Could easily be an attorney’s website, and there are lots of attorneys and lawyers in Bloomfield. Use the domain yourself for your website if you’re an attorney in Bloomfield or re-sell it to an attorney in Bloomfield. – Just like the previous domain, Bloomfield Lawyer would be a good domain to have, as well, if you are a lawyer in Bloomfield. Actually, you should own this one as well as Bloomfield, both of these keyword rich domains would help you rank well in the search engines if you were to have this as your domain name and you put up a website on it. – The mortgage industry has suffered lately in this economy, here is a chance to get a good geo domain that includes the word “mortgage” in it. If it’s not related to a particular city or location, it’s definitely a brandable domain for the mortgage industry. Holiday wine gift baskets are definitely in demand, so is the gift basket industry overall. Even though this is more of a “holiday” domain and it’s not currently the end of the year right now (it’s not the holiday season), now is a good time to grab a great deal on this keyword rich domain name. – Hybrid Sets are typically thought of as being sets of golf clubs, in the golf industry. Hybrid Sets are very expensive, and if you were to develop an ecommerce site selling Hybrid Sets of Golf Clubs you certainly could make a lot of money. Even as an affiliate site, you could rank well in the search engines if you were to own this keyword rich domain name. – There are a fair number of lawyers in the city of Montclair, here is a good chance to own another keyword rich lawyer or legal related domain name. Use it yourself if you are a lawyer in Montclair, or even resell this domain name to a lawyer. – This would be a great informational website for the mortgage industry. Consider the fact that if you are a mortgage broker you could have someone write a tutorial about mortgages, giving people a great lesson on mortgages. It could then link over to your website or you could just pitch your services or leave it as a tutorial, as a lead generation website. Visitors looking for information about mortgages could download your free mortgage lesson, and you could capture their contact information in the process. – Oklahoma City Limousines is a great domain if you are a limousine or limo rental service in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. A large city like this has a lot of limo rental services, you could use the domain yourself as a lead generation service or sell ad space to the limo rental service companies in Oklahoma City. Or just resell the domain to one of those companies.

One of the reasons why I suggest that you buy a keyword rich domain name from a service like the Godaddy Expired Domain Name auction is because keyword rich domain names are going up in value every day. If you just buy a keyword rich domain name as an investment, then you will make money from it in the future. But, if you are looking to develop a website then it is a good idea to find a domain name that contains your keywords, not only for search engine ranking purposes, but because people will know exactly what the website is about.

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