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Beware of Domain Name Parking Scams and Schemes

If you own a domain name, and you don’t currently have a live website on that domain, then one option is to park that domain name and potentially earn revenue from it. Keep in mind, though, that if you park a domain name, and plan on eventually using it as a live website with real content on it, you may want to think twice before you park the domain.

If you’re not going to use the domain for a live site, but just want to own the domain name as an investment (after all, domain names have value), then you might consider parking the domain name to earn revenue. Whatever you do, don’t leave the default name servers and let your registrar keep all the revenue from your domain name. If you bought your domain name from Godaddy, for example, the default is for Godaddy to immediately earn revenue from your domain name: I would never do that, and would never actually pay Godaddy for the “privilege” of earning parking revenue from them. You don’t have to pay to park your domain names.

Turns out that there’s a company out there, called, that is sending unsolicited email SPAM, trying to get domain owners to park their domain name with them–although the domain name may already be parked with another domain name parking company.

I received such and email from them today, trying to get me to park a domain name I own,, with them instead of my current parking provider,

From: “Domain Parking” Date: August 20, 2013, 1:19:37 PM CDT
Subject: Park
Domain Registrars often place ads on your new domain that earn them (not you) money. That is why if you do not have your undeveloped domains parked with a separate parking system, your domain registrar is earning revenue off your new asset. Why give your registrar money by parking your domains with them?

When you park with aceads, you are locked in to receive the majority of the revenues that your parked domains generate. Plus, after you have parked the domain with us for a year, we reimburse you for future domain renewal fees. Even if you have a portfolio of over a hundred to several thousand unused domains, parking with our system is easy.

Parking your domains is easy.

Step 1: Simply update the DNS for your domains to:

Step 2: Wait up to 24 hours to allow your updates to the DNS to
propagate and for full DNS Resolution.

Step 3: Type your domain or paste your list of domains into the form
at and click “park”.

Step 4: Sit back and relax knowing your domains are finally generating
revenue for YOU.

Again, this is totally unsolicited email spam. I have no idea who these people are, and have no experience with them at all. In fact, the only times I’ve heard of them previously is when others who I know have mentioned that they have received emails from this company offering a free ‘valuation’ of their domain name. Now, they want you to park your domain name with them.

No thanks.

By the way, my domain name,, is for sale if you’re interested.

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