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Why I Changed My Legal Name from Bill Hartzer to

I finally got to meet with the judge here in Kaufman County, Texas last week, and as of today, I am no longer officially listed on the books as “Bill Hartzer”. My legal name is now officially “”. I decided to make this bold yet subtle move in order to promote my own blog and my own career as an internet marketing blogger.

If you have any question about this, whether or not I actually changed my name from Bill Hartzer to, here is the Bill Hartzer Name Change.

There have been others in the past that have changed their legal name, but based on my research, I have not found anyone who has officially changed their name to something that reflects the name of their blog. Along with the “dot com” in it. Of course we have Kim Dot Com, and then there is the guy who legally changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg.

But in this case, I have decided, after some serious thought, that I would officially change my name to, then name of my internet marketing blog.

If you’re interested in blogging about my name change or are a news outlet or a member of the media wanting to talk about my recent name change to the name of my blog, then I have gone ahead and provided you with a quote below that you can use:

After months and months of corresponding with several internet marketing experts, as well as those family members of mine who would most affected by this, I have made the decision to change my name. I realize that this move is unprecedented, and that people would be skeptical–but for those who know me and for those familiar with my online antics, I am sure that they are not surprised by my latest self-promotional move.

So, those who know my previous online antics, and for those who are familiar with my blatant, self-promotional antics and promotional tactics online, are you really surprised that I have changed my legal name to the name of my internet marketing blog,

Frankly, I was pretty amazed at the fact that it was so easy to legally change my name from Bill Hartzer to I simly filled out some paperwork, actually I downloaded the proper form for the State of Texas, and went ahead and filled it out. A few weeks ago I dropped by the Kaufman County Texas courthouse (you may be familiar with it, the Kaufman County courthouse and the District Attorney’s office has been in the news lately). After finding the right office to give the paperwork to, I then was instructed that I had to get the document notarized. Well, after getting it notarized, which cost about $30 to get handled, I went back to the courthouse and got a court date. It was the end of last week when I finally got the court date–and five minutes in front of the judge and bingo–I got my wish, which was to legally change my name.

The History Behind My Name Change
Ever since I started my site–I got back in the early 2000s–I have wanted to get more publicity for the site. I originally had a static web site on the, but after a few years decided to turn it into an internet marketing blog, well, first it was just a blog. After a while, I realized that you really needed a lot of links to your web site in order to show up well in the search engine rankings. Turns out that most of the links that I got were using my name, Bill Hartzer, which was fine. But after the Google Penguin algorithm update came along, I realized that one of the things that I needed to do was change the anchor text of a lot of the links pointing to my web site, that I really have too many links with my brand name, Bill Hartzer. So, I had this brilliant idea that if I legally changed my name to, then I could get more links to the web site through this self-absorbed self-promotional opportunity. And bingo–a light went off in my head, that I would also get links with a different anchor text. Not necessarily the exact anchor text I want, but it was a change. So here I am, now legally changing my name to, the name of my internet marketing blog. That’s why I decided to change my name.

So, going forward, from now on I am no longer known as Bill Hartzer. I am officially, legally, known as, they guy with the internet marketing blog.

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