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This Is My 1000th Blog Post

Screen capture of my WP Dashboard before my 1,000th post.

Wow, what an amazing ride it’s been. I’m happy to say that this blog post is my 1,000th blog post that I’ve posted on It has certainly taken quite a few years to get to this point. But I honestly can say that I’m quite surprised that I’ve been able to write 1,000 blog posts just on this blog. If you count up all of the other blog posts that I’ve written over the years and contributed to other blogs (not including other blogs I own) it’s a lot more than 1,000, I bet it is well into several thousand blog posts.

Well, what should I do to celebrate my 1,000th blog post on my blog? I’m really not sure. I am, though, celebrating by, well, posting my 1,000th blog post about writing 1,000 blog posts. More importantly, you probably are wondering what the heck I wrote about in 1,000 blog posts. I am, too. I remember quite a few of them, but at this point my best option is to look at my Google Analytics to see which blog posts YOU, my readers, enjoyed the most. Or at least the blog posts that brought in the most traffic over the years. Here are my top blog posts, based on traffic:

How to Make a QR Code for your website – this post is surprising, but it’s brought the most traffic over the years, at least since I’ve had Google Analytics installed starting around April 2010.

Why Do Customers Tattoo Themselves with the Brands They Love? – This is an interesting post. It’s actually interesting to understand why people get tattoos with their favorite brands.

Never Use a Hyphenated Domain for Your Website – This post actually started because someone did a test with hyphenated domain names and figured out that they don’t rank as well. Interesting to read, interesting to look at their test results and the test that they did. I don’t necessarily totally agree with this, but it’s interesting to view hyphenated domains differently. If possible, I wouldn’t use a hyphenated domain, but I would use one without a hyphen.

How to Create a Google Plus Page for Your Business – I am a big fan of Google Plus and Google Authorship, as well as Google Publishership. This post is pretty simple, but a lot of people are wanting to do this.

Reddit Changes Coming Conde Nast – This post is one that I remember because it brought a lot of traffic really quickly. I broke the news about Conde Nast buying all sorts of Reddit domain names. All the traffic to this post was virtually within one or two days.

I won’t go into a lot of the other blog posts that have brought a lot of traffic amongst the 1,000 blog posts that I’ve written. And keep in mind that these posts were actually posts that weren’t posted as “doorway pages” or content that’s low on quality. Each and every post I truly believe had (or has) content that people care about. That’s what matters, don’t you think?

I look forward to another 1,000 blog posts, and even to get to the 5,000 count some day.

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