Bill Hartzer

Does the Perfect Blog Post Really Exist?

I have written before about the perfect blog post. Does a perfect blog post really exist? Well, that really depends on how you define the phrase, “the perfect blog post”. When it comes to a perfect blog post, I personally define it as being a blog post that meets its objectives. What are the goal(s) for the blog post? Why are you writing it, and what net effect do you want to get from it?

Every blog post should have a call to action. Whether it is just to point out information, or to give your blog readers information about a subject or maybe something newsworthy (blogworthy?), you really need to focus on the ultimate goal of your blog post. If your blog post reaches its goals determines whether or not it is the perfect blog post.

Perhaps your blog post’s goal is to get traffic and views
So, if your blog post is written because you need more traffic to your web site, then fine. That is a goal–and if it reaches its goal then it could be the “perfect blog post”. That blog post is perfect (in your definition).

When it comes to format, though, there really is apparently a perfect blog post (format). Each blog post should have certain defined features or elements. You need certain “elements” or “features” in order for readers to like your blog post. Let’s a different look at how a blog post can be perfect in such as way that it’s not necessarily my definition of a perfect blog post. But, the actual format and features of it–could just make it the perfect blog post.

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