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New Advertising Multiplatform to Help Advertisers Generate Sales from Untapped Markets

Helping advertisers and broadcasters maximize revenue by reaching millions of new immigrants and other untapped markets, leading multicultural advertising agency Global Advertising Strategies has introduced its proprietary marketing and media platform called Multiplatform Multicultural Programmer Platform (MMPP). The platform was introduced at a roundtable hosted by Global Advertising Strategies and moderated by Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, editor-in-chief of Multichannel News.

MMPP is a Web interface with a proprietary booking and reservation platform which allows media planners to research and to create media campaigns across channels and media. As a media seller, Global is accumulating advertising rights and space for several dozen networks, including Russia’s Channel One Russia Worldwide, so that it can sell advertising to clients interested in niche markets and in running large scale advertising campaigns to dozens of ethnic groups. So, an international airline commercial could be broadcast on top 20 ethnic TV channels, all in language, aimed at 20 different ethnic groups in the U.S.

While customer segmentation grows, broadcasters and advertisers are waking up to a world where multicultural bonding is strengthening through e-mail, cheap international call plans, and reduced ticket prices. TV channel operators, often content leaders in their own worlds, are now able to quickly reach beyond their own markets and into the United States, a unique market where people are encouraged to consume their own in-language media.

“America is going through a dramatic change, thanks to globalization, multiculturalism and customer segmentation,” said Max Smetannikov, Vice President of Global Advertising Strategies. “Immigrants no longer assimilate to the point of abandoning their bond with their culture. Maintaining that bond is easier than before. International phone calls are cheaper than ever, air traffic is at a historical high while ticket prices are growing lower, and the U.S. is one of the few societies where people are encouraged to speak their own language and consume their own in-language media. This allows for consumer segmentation based on ethnic origin on a never before attempted scale.”

He noted that several industries, including international airlines, remittances companies, and telecommunications firms, have been marketing to these groups using ethnic media for years. Other industries, like alcoholic beverage, automotive, travel and destination locations, real estate and home finances, are just getting immersed.

MMPP is part of Global’s Multicultural 2.0, which captures the complex mosaic of different and nuanced cultures. It encompasses a broader range of ethnic groups with significant mass, growth possibilities and buying power beyond Hispanics and African Americans, which have traditionally enjoyed the lion’s share of marketers’ attention. Marketers can certainly appeal to commonalities shared across the mosaic – but they can also hone in and target these groups to great effect.

According to Global, Multicultural 2.0 markets represent diamonds in the rough for advertisers, not only because they have largely been ignored, but also because the media environment in recent years has become increasingly conducive to super-segmented outreach. Multicultural 2.0 marketers can now tap into more than 2,000 specialized ethnic media vehicles and outlets.

About Global Advertising Strategies
Global Advertising Strategies, headquartered in New York, is a multi-platform, multi-cultural marketing communications firm with international reach. Global’s capabilities and experience of catering products and marketing messages to the diverse cultural and social identities of consumers worldwide are what make it a market leader. By functioning as a gateway into specifically selected markets around the globe, Global’s analysis, tools and experience helps it to deliver advertising with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

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