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MediaTrust Launches Next Generation of Advario Contextual Ad Targeting Platform

MediaTrust has just announced the next generation of their Advario online ad platform–it is powered by a contextual matching engine that serves display and In-Text advertising for CPL, CPC, CPA and CPM campaigns. This provides real-time, relevant and “intelligent display”, as well as in-text advertising that delivers higher-performing ads.

According to MediaTrust, Advario’s patent pending technology “delivers the most relevant and intelligent ads to end users, ensuring that advertisers, agencies and publishers receive the highest performing results from their advertising dollars and publishing inventory.”

Advario’s technological advantage comes from two MediaTrust patents: one that involves a process that allows publishers to easily include or exclude page segments. The second advantage advantage comes from a keyword and keyword phrase density engine–which apparently delivers higher relevance for contextual ad targeting.

Advario recognizes “bundles of keywords” that MediaTrust calls “AdTopics”. AdTopics match a bundle of pre-selected keywords with related topics within site’s content–this ensures that the right ads show up on the most relevant pages.

There are two Advario ad types available:

Advario Display Ads: Advario ads are keyed off AdTopics rather than single keywords. This makes Advario display ads more relevant to the end user so that they perform better for advertisers and publishers.

Advario In-Text Ads: Users can activate contextual In-Text ads by scrolling over underlined keywords that reveal an ad and give them the option to click on the ad to learn more. Advario’s In-Text ads are user-initiated and therefore, do not interrupt the user during the online experience.

Advario is a real-time contextual ad targeting platform powered by a proprietary matching engine. The platform enables web publishers and advertisers to intelligently connect to customers through highly relevant ads. Advario is an open and modular platform that can serve both display and In-Text ads in text, image, and HTML, using CPM, CPA, CPL and CPC benchmarks.

Publishers and advertisers using Advario benefit from our unique ability to dynamically synchronize and display relevant ads that can be highly customized to target a site’s page content or sections of content. As an individual browses from web page to web page, they are presented with ads that are contextually relevant, resulting in optimal ad performance for our advertising and publishing partners.

The combination of Advario’s display and In-Text ads gives publishers the ability to generate new and higher revenue streams on any type of web page–including pages with dynamic content. Also, since Advario offers both ad types on a single synchronized platform, the risk of displaying redundant ads on the same page is eliminated.

Advarioâ€s technology allows publishers to easily include or exclude where ads will appear, which ads appear, and which parts of a page are indexed for ad matching. Advario offers a broad variety of IAB spec ads to accommodate any siteâ€s design requirements.

Publisher Benefits:
– Real-time contextual matching for higher performing ads and better inventory yield
– Site control allowing you to choose which ads appear and where these ads appear
– Flexibility delivered on a single platform
– Multiple ad formats: display & in-text
– Multiple ad types: HTML, image, and text
– Multiple campaign types: CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA
– Access to a quality network of tier 1 and tier 2 advertisers

MediaTrust ( is an innovative interactive media, advertising and technology company comprised of Advaliant, a performance affiliate marketing network, Advario, a proprietary contextual ad targeting platform, leading-edge media delivery technologies and the MediaTrust Integrated Solutions Group.

MediaTrust offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for technology and services across all online marketing channels including: affiliate and search marketing, contextual targeted advertising, lead generation, e-mail marketing, ad networks, mobile marketing, data management and Web publishing. MediaTrust’s experienced Integrated Solutions Group ensures that each campaign is uniquely customized for each advertiser and publisher.

MediaTrust’s properties work seamlessly together to deliver intelligent performance-based online marketing campaigns that create awareness, generate leads, drive sales and obtain customers.

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