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Internet Advertising Offered in 10 Second Increments

hundred banners

First it was pixel ads that sold 1 million pixels at $1 dollar each. Then we had a lot of copycats that attempted to make money from the same idea. Apparently the creator of the million dollar home page sold all of the available pixels on the home page.

Now fast forward to 2007, and we have Hundred Banners. claims that you can buy a banner ad in ten second increments. You can purchase a single spot or space across an entire “matrix” as the site owner calls it.

Users can buy a banner on a 10×10 grid for 10 seconds. Unlike static pixel ad sites, offers a dynamic, ever-changing environment for users to display their internet advertising. is the first online advertising site to offer a venue for people to buy both space and time.

Mykola Ponomarenko is a junior Marketing student at Kansas State University and hasn’t stated where the income will go–but I suspect it might go to pay for the rest of his schooling at Kansas State University.

Here’s more details about how it all works from the press release today: offers the following unique features:

Pricing — offers flexible pricing based on the amount and time of day you choose to reserve a banner. There’s no minimum purchase and a sliding scale based on the time of day an ad runs.

Revisions — On, internet advertising is never static. Change the picture and the link on a banner at any time. Use a square to publicize different promotions or use a square to run ads for different businesses with the same owner.

Possibilities — Because changes every 10 seconds, advertisers can group banners at different times and in different places to create unique advertisements not possible elsewhere.

Measurement — As part of buying a banner, users get full access to statistics designed to show how successful their investment in has been. All users will find a report showing how many people have linked to their ad and how many clicks their ad has received.

Size of field — offers internet advertising in an area of 1,250×800 pixels. While the industry standard is 1,000×1,000 pixels, the larger area is closer to the average screen resolution of 1,280×1,024 pixels.

Banner size — Individual ad spaces are 125×80 pixels and offer ample room for users to include all pertinent information about their business. Buyers can match text and pictures to ensure their internet advertising has the greatest impact.

Discounts — offers a variety of attractive options for for advertisers to find a number of attractive and cost-effective discounts. Users who purchase an ad for four years will receive a 25% discount. If a user purchases 100 units in a single transaction, they are also eligible for a discount. Each month, the single largest buyer will get the chance to post a press release and other information about their company on the site and will have a discussion topic about their company opened in the community forum. Cash is paid within 48 hrs. of making payment.

From now until March 1, all buyers will receive cash back on their investment. Users spending $100 will get 5% back while users spending $1,000 will get 30% cash back. In addition, over the next three months, all users are invited to post in a special topic within the forum, “How to improve Your opinion.” One user offering the best suggestion for improving will receive a $500 prize and see their idea integrated into the site.

Update: has been taken down. It appears that this domain name is now available for registration. November 16, 2014.

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