Bill Hartzer

Facebook Ad Targeting Fail by Groupon

Dallas weather

Today, here in North Texas, it is a balmy 68 degrees. I realize that it’s much colder up north, and that you probably would need a ski mask or face mask when going outside for a considerable amount of time. However, here in Texas, while we have had some cold mornings, Texans just don’t wear face masks unless you’re going to do something illegal.

Imagine hearing my laughter when I saw this horrible ad targeting today on Facebook by Groupon:

Texans don’t wear face masks. Even when it’s cold out. We just don’t. Period. We don’t do it ever.

I don’t know if this ad is just horrible ad targeting by Groupon or the person managing their Facebook ads, or whether or not it’s done on purpose. But either way, it’s certainly a waste of ad dollars.

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