Easter Bunny Kicked Out of PRWeb Press Release Web Site

The Easter Bunny has officially been kicked out of PRWeb, the popular press release web site. According to Standing Dog’s latest blog post, the Easter Bunny could not be included in a recent press release due to the fact that the Easter Bunny is “parodic”.

Easter Bunny

The popular press release distribution service recently contacted Standing Dog Interactive in regards to a pending press release that dealt with an Easter brunch. Writers at the Dallas-based interactive marketing agency were shocked to learn that the Easter Bunny was deemed “parodic” and could not be mentioned in an introduction, tongue-in-cheek be damned.

According to the editors at Vocus, they did not feel that it was correct to mention the Easter Bunny in a press release–although the mention of the Easter Bunny in this case was related to an Easter promotion that was being done at a hotel.

I have reached out to the folks at Vocus for an official comment on the matter. Unfortunately, the Easter Bunny himself could not be reached for comment.


  1. Marc Cobe says

    A strange kind of service, three times Give them your press releases and always refused ((

  2. Mark Katavice says

    Oh no,it is so sad.
    Writing a press release is so hard but the most casual thing is it is really take a long time to publish in a website.

  3. Shear Water says

    Interesting post! It is my first time to have heard of that Easter Bunny. I’m hoping the problem will have a solution soon. Thank you for this information. I’m also looking forward for more updates from you. I’m very much interested on this easter bunny.