Cottonelle Social Media Fail

In what appears to be yet another Corporate America social media fail, Cottonelle inappropriately used the viral news that LeBron James is returning to Cleveland to tweet out a message to their followers to use Cottonelle brand toilet paper and flushable wipes.


This is one of those social media “failures” that just goes to show that many large corporations just don’t “get” the use of social media. Most likely, though, the person who tweeted about LeBron James from the Cottonelle Twitter account just doesn’t get social media, either. [Read more...]

How I Got Over 16,000 Tweets of a Blog Post

I have to admit that I am really surprised that I have, naturally, over sixteen thousand tweets and retweets of one of my blog posts. Take a look at the stats on this blog post of mine:


I say, “naturally” because I honestly didn’t do anything to get these extra tweets. There are things you can do to get tweets unnaturally, such as buying tweets on sites like and soforth. There are “services” where you can literally buy tweets or retweets. But that’s not what happened here. [Read more...]

Twitter: No Employee Twitter Accounts are Verified Accounts

Last week, I was speaking at the ClickZ Live Toronto conference, and Kirstine Stewart, head of Twitter Canada, was one of the keynote speakers. According to Ms. Stewart, no Twitter accounts of employees are Verified accounts. Not even the CEO’s account.

twitter employees verified accounts

I actually find this kind of odd. It seems to me that if you were someone who is officially representing Twitter, your account should be a Verified Account. I would want to know that the person tweeting at that account is, in fact, acting in an official capacity and not actually some ‘imposter’ so to speak. [Read more...]

How Online Commerce Is Becoming Inherently Social

As you load a website, the text you were looking for is surrounded by icon buttons, from Facebook to Pinterest. You can “like” or “recommend” posts, text and items at the click of a button. Although these benign entities lining almost any website seem harmless enough, they are part of a larger structure, referred to as social commerce. With traditional advertising barely lifting an eyebrow, businesses are looking for different ways to engage customers and increase profits. Although social commerce is still in its beginning stages, it is more prevalent today than last year. Take a look at some of the main ways top sites manoeuvre you to purchase an item: [Read more...]

10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Consulting Firm

According to Social Media Today, the rate of social media usage rose by 18% in 2013. This brings to nearly 25% the number of subscribers using social media today. This includes personal and business accounts. Social media has defined the marketing fronts of most companies with many of them registering phenomenal success. With this rapid growth in social media uptake, the demand for social media training and consulting has risen tremendously. Business, individuals and even governmental institutions are all looking to hire experts to help them in their social media functions.  [Read more...]

6 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Google+

Here’s one of my favorite current hobbies: I sit down with potential clients, throw out a reference to Google+ and pause for the inevitable response – that “it’s never going to take off” or “we don’t believe in it.” [Read more...]

Matt Cutts Tweets a Link. 7,000+ People Click It.

Yesterday, Matt Cutts tweeted a link to a new scraper report tool that you can use to report websites that are outranking your website. If this other site has scraped or copied or stolen your content, then you can use the form to report the spam to Google. That new form could be useful for some, and I applaud Google for adding it. But that’s honestly not what I’m interested in here. In fact, what I find more interesting, is that fact that Matt Cutts tweeted a URL. And as a result, we can get all sorts of really cool data about his Tweet and the link that he Tweeted. [Read more...]