Google Web Designer For HTML5 Sites That Work On Any Device

With everyone talking about responsive web design, and creating websites that will work on any device, Google Web Designer seems to be a pretty good option. I have my reservations, though, when it comes to it’s SEO-friendliness. But most of that can be easily fixed.

google web designer logo

I took 2 minutes. Really, only 2 minutes, to download and test out Google Web Designer on a recently-acquired domain name, Streaming Video, where I wanted to put up a real basic web page. Since that domain was previously a parked domain, and Google typically doesn’t parked domains, I wanted to put up a real basic web page so that it get re-indexed again. Once the site’s re-indexed again properly and not considered to be a “parked domain” by Google, I’ll work on developing the site. [Read more...]

Google’s CookieChoices.Org Search Engine Now 404

Well, I didn’t expect that. Or maybe I did?, the search engine (a version of Google) that Google registered and then put live for a few days is now gone.


Back in mid May, right after the European ruling came down related to the “right to remove” your details from Google, a mysterious domain name called was registered. The whois record showed that it was, in fact, owned by Google and pointed to their name servers. [Read more...]

Google’s CookieChoices.Org Is Now Live

Back on May 16, 2014, I wrote about Google registering the domain name Well, now I have discovered today that it looks like there is a version of Google’s search engine on


Currently, several of the links (like the links to the “sign in” doesn’t work), but most of the Google search engine is there. There are links to Gmail, images, and soforth. [Read more...]

Appalling: US Patent US8515941 B1: System for Generating Search Engine Spam

US Patent US8515941 B1 granted Aug 20, 2013, is titled “System for unique automated website generation, hosting, and search engine optimization”. And their websites still rank well in Google despite Google Panda 4.0.


It’s pretty rare that I out another SEO firm or company (okay, well maybe not). But this one really has me fuming this time. So blatant that they have been awarded a patent for creating web (search engine) spam. And apparently they’re pretty proud of the fact that their automated generation of websites and “invisible content” that’s read only by search engines that they tout it in their sales literature.

The system generates both unique visible content and also unique invisible content read by search engines but not typically visible to end users.

The problem I have is that Google hasn’t caught this automated spam, even with the latest Google Panda updates (which should be penalizing these types of sites). You would think that if you have a patent on your process of generating search engine spam Google would have caught it by now. Nope. Rankings are as good as ever for this company’s websites. [Read more...]

Google Cookie Choices Domain Name: Response to EU Ruling About Right to Be Forgotten?

In what looks to me like a possible response to the European Union’s ruling this week about the right to be forgotten, Google has just registered the domain name I am going out on a limb here and speculating, but Google could use this website to inform the public about how to delete cookies and their private personal information.

Here’s the domain name whois for the domain name that Google has just registered:

cookiechoices-org-google-domain [Read more...]

During Link Cleanup, Don’t Forget Links to Redirected Domain Names

google link cleanup

One of several search engine optimization tasks that I am involved with is cleaning up a website’s link profile. With the Google Penguin algorithm update affecting so many websites, I have personally be involved in cleaning up a LOT of websites’ link profiles. So much so that I’ve quickly become the resident expert at cleaning up link profiles. This also involves cleaning up link profiles because websites have been manually penalized by Google because of unnatural and inorganic links pointing to a website. [Read more...]

Website Rejected From Google AdSense Program? No Problem!

I am always amazed at the business opportunities that people create on the internet. But when it comes to certain types of businesses and services that people offer, I get really ticked off when I see someone or another business offers a service that isn’t right. By now I am sure you have heard about the Google AdSense program. It’s been going on for about 10 years now. If you have a legitimate website with unique content and your website meets or exceeds Google’s Acceptable Guidelines for webmasters, then most likely you will be able to run Google Ads on your website and share a portion of the revenue with Google. Each click or impression of an ad on your site could make you money. [Read more...]

Google Adds Report Spam, Paid Links, Malware Page to Quality Guidelines Navigation

In the past 24 hours, Google appears to have added a new page as a part of their quality guidelines: a page that explains how to report spam, paid links, malware, and other problems. Previously this page was not a part of their quality guidelines located here.

You can see the new page listed below, which has also been added to the sidebar navigation of the Link Schemes and other pages that are a part of the quality guidelines: [Read more...]

Google Hosts Low Quality Article Directory with Links They Want Us to Remove

Oh, the irony. Google is hosting the very articles that contain links that Google is telling us that they want removed. Wait. What?!? That’s right, in what can only be a unique twist of irony, Google is playing web host to thousands of low quality spammy articles, the exact same type of articles that Google wants us to remove. And the links that they’re penalizing websites for having.

Let’s first take a look at this ‘article directory’ website:


If you look at the screen shot, you’ll see that it’s an “article directory” that’s similar to the what Matt Cutts talked recently talked bout. In fact, he said not to build links using article directory websites. Let’s take a look at the video that Mr. Cutts posted about article directories: [Read more...]